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Blackrock California Muni 2018 Trust (BJZ) Price Pulls Above Balance Step – Davidson Register

January 15, 2018 2:25:08 am | 0 Comments

January 15, 2018 Shares of Blackrock California Muni 2018 Trust (BJZ) are heading in a near-term positive direction as the most recent close of the company has stayed above the Balance Step.  The Balance Step reading takes into account the last 5 balance points of the weekly period plotted in step formation on a daily chart.…

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Blackrock California Muni 2018 Trust (BJZ): Tracking the Signals – Clawson News

January 14, 2018 11:54:26 am | 0 Comments

After a recent market check, we have noted that the 14 day Stochastic RSI signal is showing a potential bullish divergence for Blackrock California Muni 2018 Trust (BJZ). Traders may be paying closer attention to these shares over the next few trading sessions as the shares might be ready for a reversal, or continue the…

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Blackrock California Muni 2018 Trust (BJZ): Pulling the Layers Back For The Chaikin Oscillator – Ozark Times

January 13, 2018 2:19:04 pm | 0 Comments

Tracking the indicators for Blackrock California Muni 2018 Trust (BJZ), we can now see that the Chaikin Oscillator reading is below zero. Tracking this signal, traders may be watching for signs of a possible bearish trend forming. Investors and Traders using technical analysis to review stocks may be focusing on the ATR or Average True…

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Nuveen California Muni Value Fund (NCA) MESA Average Sinks Below FAMA – JCTY News

January 12, 2018 8:15:04 pm | 0 Comments

Nuveen California Muni Value Fund (NCA) are in focus today as the charts are revealing that the Mesa Adaptive Moving Average (MAMA) has trickled below the FAMA, or Fractional Moving Average.  This environment typically indicates that there might be a buying opportunity aligning in technicals.  When there are crossovers between the FAMA and MAMA, the shares are…

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Update on North Sierra Strategic Plan – Sierra Wave

January 12, 2018 9:49:38 am | 0 Comments

NORTH SIERRA STRATEGIC PLAN GETS RAVE REVIEWS, BUT NEXT STEPS TAKE BIG BUCKS By Deb Murphy The North Sierra Strategic Plan received rave reviews at both the Bishop City Council and Inyo County Board of Supervisors this week. The only issues with the consultant’s assessment of five potential multi-use sites was money and market demand.…

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CropMobster TV: For All Our Children – HuffPost

January 12, 2018 7:46:32 am | 0 Comments

(Bishop, CA) Are you looking for a better diet of inspiration and knowledge to make your life and community healthier?? We’ll you’re gonna dig The Bishop Paiute Tribe’s Food Sovereignty Program for real leadership, wisdom and on-the-ground action. Please enjoy this interview with Jen Schlaich & Monty Bengochia….and please SHARE this to help their story…

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Final Flight – The Sheet

January 12, 2018 7:08:18 am | 0 Comments

Membership sales manager Matt Johnston, flight nurse Lisa Davis and Regional Director of Program Operations Mike Patterson in front of the new King Air C-90 series planes. The company will host a retirement party for its two old Cheyenne series turbo prop planes on Saturday, January 13. Sierra Lifeflight retires two workhorse planes Sierra Lifeflight…

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Blackrock California Muni 2018 Trust (BJZ)'s Rank Correlation Nearing a Peak – Stock Rover

January 12, 2018 2:28:49 am | 0 Comments

Blackrock California Muni 2018 Trust (BJZ) shares are being closely watched as the Rank Correlation Indicator has shown an upward 3 bar near-term trend, indicating that a reversal might be near.  If the shares reach the +80 level, this would signify that the shares have entered overbought territory.   The indicator Spearman Rank Correlation Index’s (RCI)…

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Blackrock California Muni 2018 Trust (BJZ)'s Relative Upward Momentum Building – Pearson Press

January 12, 2018 1:56:49 am | 0 Comments

Drilling into the technicals for Blackrock California Muni 2018 Trust (BJZ), we have noticed that the Relative Momentum Indicator, or RMI, has been trending higher over the past week.  Traders will be actively monitoring current levels as the shares potentially close in on overbought territory. Similar to RSI, the RMI indicator moves in the range of 0…

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Unusual Activity Spotted in Blackrock California Muni Trust (BFZ … – Lenox Ledger

January 11, 2018 11:27:25 am | 0 Comments

Blackrock California Muni Trust (BFZ) shares are moving today on volatility -0.07% or $-0.01 from the open. The NYSE listed company saw a recent bid of $13.80 and 50514 shares have traded hands in the session. Investors might be taking a closer look into the crystal ball to try and decipher what is in store for the second half of the year…

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