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Here come the Nationals, and Anaheim’s first-ever look at Bryce Harper. Doesn’t anybody other me find it odd that MLB has failed to work on capitalizing any Harper versus Trout matchups? One would think that after 6 years in Major League Baseball together there would be slightly more effort to get these two kids competing against one another. But, noooo. Only 3 regular season games in all that time, and none on the West Coast. Finally, the league gets them together again and in a time zone with a rather large viewing population, and it’s for 2 quick games before giving the Angels their 7th off day of July.

Have some Manfred-can’t-get-his-chit-together Links:

(Full disclosure. We SBN’ers be in trouble AGAIN. Question. If, someday, every SBN site is a #cesspool, is any SBN site a #cesspool?)


A Little Bit of Angels News

Nice vintage overhead night shot of The Big A, even if it does look like it has been colorized………..

last month, in the 2017 June Draft, Griffin Canning literally fell into Billy Eppler’s lap. Expected to be taken mid first round, Cannon ended up going 47th as the LAA second round pick. The reason for this was some dicey MRI results which threw shade on Canning’s long-term health. Canning is graduating from UCLA, and FanGraphs wondered if the problem might a particularly heavy use of starting pitchers in that school? It turns out that the answer to that question is an emphatic YES. UCLA head coach John Savage tends to brutalize the top of his rotations, long-term MLB career health be damned. He gets away with it because (A) his teams win and (B) high school kids and their parents don’t seem to be too mindful. Yet. Fortunately for Canning, he lands with a franchise more than happy to pay him gobs of money for many, many years to be a starter on the Disabled List……….

The Angels are on the bubble as to whether they shall be buyers or sellers this month. But the next week will sort that all out……….

The Angels have not won a ton of games. On the other hand, the Angels don’t charge a ton of money to see Major League Baseball. All in all, per TickPick, LAA has the 3rd best fan $$ per win ratio in MLB. (Once I get the high res graph from TickPick as I have requested, I will post it here.)………..

Tyler Skaggs had another rehab start in the AZL last night. 6 K’s against 2 hits and 2 earned runs over 3.2 innings of work………..


Everywhere In Baseball

Dan Patrick is all aboard the PEDs theory bandwagon. He also believes in juiced bats, Juiced balls, And is not surprised that ‘everybody is trying to make a buck. In other words, Patrick is not buying the official MLB line on any of this. Something is up, somewhere, and he ain’t going to ignore it just to celebrate the chance to write glorious headlines…………

For a guy who just told the world that the A’s need to start hanging on to their top players, Billy Beane sure is connected to a lot of teams for trading away Sonny Gray……….But at least he is being open, confessing that he is trying to build a team that will draw fans to some phantom, future stadium. You know, the one that has not even gotten out of the chit-chat stage?……….

So yesterday Ryan Zimmerman hit a home run. The thing about THIS home run was that it sent him past Vlad Guerrero with the franchise career HR lead at 235. I was pretty surprised to read that, since the Expos have had a large number of great players. Clearly, they couldn’t hold on to them long enough to stretch out that franchise mark. that had to be unique, right?  I man, even with the Angels we have Tim Salmon with 299. The Halos have only been around since 1961 and most of their famous sluggers came to Anaheim for the back portions of their careers. And STILL we have a better number than the Expo/Nats. So I went looking. And, wow, what a bunch of surprises.  Sure, the younger franchises have pretty low leader numbers. But what about long-established teams who have had famous sluggers, teams like the Dodgers and Reds (389)? Or the Brewers (255)? or the Indians (337) or Royals (317)? And then there are the Padres. Sad, sad Padres…..163……….

And, still on the topic of home runs, over the last decade MLB home runs have yet to reach Japan, but things are speeding up. I know that sentence makes no sense, which is why you need to click the link. And make sure to scroll down to the Mike Trout chart. Trout has made it all the way out to Corona. He is still a few years away from eclipsing Dodger Stadium………..

Andrew McCutcheon started off the season marked for dead. Un-tradable, actually. Well, this year he actually has been playing fairly decent. Not MVP stuff, but better than Kole Calhoun. So what’s Pittsburgh to do now? Trade him while they can. They have to hope, though, that Cutch keeps doing well into the off-season, since most of the trade deadline chatter is about teams loading up with pitching and not offense………..

This is what happens when you hide behind antiquated government protections in order to create regional monopolies for your wealthy members so that they can dictate access to content the League is worrying will dry up and push away future generations. Pissy chaos, is what you get. I may not be a fan of Peter Angelos, and I may not be a fan of regional monopolies and all the MLB blackout restrictions, but I hate the heavy hand of back room MLB shenanigans even worse. You can read between the lines see the way that the Orioles are getting boxed in here in favor of the Nats. MLB has been stacking the deck against the Orioles in ways that are, oddly, never being put to work in favor of the Athletics up north……….


The Duffle Bag

Here we go. Aaron Judge is cold coming out of the All Star Break, and it’s all the fault of the Home Run Derby……….This is sportscaster Kyle Tait doing his best Mike Trout imitation of taking the first pitch…………I think that I am supposed to be impressed by the fan diving over seats to snag a foul. Actually, I am more impressed to learn that Erick Aybar is still out there playing Major League Baseball……….I missed this yesterday. Texas Rangers still can’t play right field defense in critical moments………..The same guy who did THIS, and then did THIS, ended up doing THIS……….Now that all the dust has settled, out of the top 315 June draft picks, only 3 guys chose to NOT sign. Yeah. We had on of ’em……….Ray vs. Romano! Because, why not?……….Baseball is dying. if that is true, at least it’s not dying as fast as NFL or NBA All-Star events……….(h/t UniWatch) You mean to tell me that there is a frozen waffle company shipping MLB editions of their waffles, and I can’t find LAA waffles at Albertson’s???……….Look at all the fun a team gets to have when they are running away with a playoff home field advantage……….Nasty home plate collision in Pirates/Brewers game. No rules broken, only bodies…………In another ouch video, Josh Donaldson totally clocks the plate umpire. That’s a Tylenol commercial in the making, right there……….

Aaron Judge is now 1 for 21 since the All-Star Break. BA is .311, having dropped 18 points. Yankee fans are in a panic……….


Jordan Serena Destiny Watch


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