Sacramento neighborhood takes security into its own hands – KCRA Sacramento

What was supposed to be a shining new development just north of downtown Sacramento started to turn into a magnet for crime.

Last year, the Township 9 development declared bankruptcy, stalling progress and leaving most of the 65 acres it sits on untouched.


However, rather than watch their community become inundated by the homeless and petty criminals, residents who live in the community’s only housing decided to take their safety into their own hands.

“Police can’t be everywhere at all times, and it’s up to us people to help the police,” neighborhood watch leader Daniel Aderholt said.

Over the past seven months, Aderholt recruited a team of neighbors to join him, patrolling at all hours of the night.

“Seven days a week, sometimes until three, four in the morning,” Aderholt said.

The group could soon have a lot more company as Township 9 seeks to come out of bankruptcy within the next few months.

Construction is expected to begin on 200 townhomes by late spring, followed by a mixed-use retail space complete with housing, a hotel and office space.

Township 9’s president, Steve Goodwin, said momentum generated by a potential MLS team, combined with a strong economy, is making a second shot at Township 9 possible.

“It’s an exciting time to be developing,” Goodwin said. “I think Sacramento has all the makings to continue to blossom in its own right.”

Of the 65 acres, 32 are slated for development. The plan calls for 3,000 housing units to be built within 10 years.


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